Our supported charity - Action for Children

When buying name tags you will be given the opportunity to make a donation to this very worthwhile charity.  Please donate if you can - even the smallest of donations help and please see below the charity's thanks to our customers

Thank You!

from Action for Children

Firstly, Thank you all so much for the wonderfully generous gifts which the customers and staff at Nametags4U have donated over the past few years.  As an example, in just the three summer months of July, August and September 2012 they raised £1525.65 and in the same three months of 2013 they raised £1095.87.  This was was truly magnificent and will help Action for Children to ensure it can be there to support the 50,000 children and young people who so desperately need our help across the UK, through our network of over 480 projects and services.

One of our stories:

Joe is just eight years old but he already knows not to take anything for granted. He won’t get a hot meal tomorrow unless his Mum takes an extra cleaning shift after he and his brother have gone to bed. Also, shockingly, he won’t be warm in bed unless he wears his winter coat because he doesn’t have a duvet or a pillow.

Thousands of children like Joe are growing up without the basic essentials that most of us take for granted but with your support we can make a difference.

These donations can help children like Joe break out of the cycle of poverty and deprivation and enjoy the chance of a brighter future filled with hope and potential.

Today Action for Children, just like any other family or organisation is having to face the challenges and difficulties of the tightening economic climate. Sadly this is compounded by the urgent need to support many more children and their families as difficult times bite into every community and region. So we are especially grateful to our friends supporters and partners who despite all the difficulties they face, still extend their support, generosity and kindness to thousands of children and their families who rely on many different aspects of Action for Children’s vital services.

Our vision is of a world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging, are loved and valued; a world where they can fulfil their potential, shape their destiny and experience the joy of life.

 For more information about the work of Action for Children please do visit our website at www.actionforchildren.org.uk   or contact our local fundraiser Shelagh Hillier on 0117 935 4440 or email shelagh.hillier@actionforchildren.org.uk

  Thank you for helping Action for Children to be there for the thousands of children and young people who need us so desperately … for as long as it takes …

Action for Children supports, campaigns and speaks out for the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in the UK.
They operate through around 500 projects across the UK, meaning they can respond to local needs and offer long term solutions to more than 200,000 service users every year.

They’ve been making a difference for over 140 years, and will continue to work, for as long as it takes, with families in crisis, children in care, disabled children and disadvantaged young people.

They are delighted to be the chosen charity of nametags4u and they look forward to the beginning of a great partnership.

When buying name tags you will be given the opportunity to make a donation to this very worthwhile charity.  Please donate if you can - even the smallest of donations help.

You can keep up-to-date with all their latest news and developments by: Visiting our website: http://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/