Clip on Instructions

1. Place the strip of labels on a hard flat surface. Peel the label

off making sure it comes cleanly away from the backing strip.

2. Loosely fold the label in half. Turn the pin upside down.

Place on the hard flat surface.  A hard surface is very important. 

3. Push garment down onto the upright pin followed by the label. 

Ensure pin stays upright in order to pierce material without breaking.

Then take plastic cap.

4. Balance the flat side of the cap on the tip of the upside down

spike. Push down slightly to secure it.

5. Use thumbs to exert pressure, pushing the cap down the length of the pin.

It is VERY important to push it down as far as it will go.


6. Snap off the spiky part of the pin.  If any excess plastic remains scrape it off with

fingernail to leave a smooth flat button-like clip