Easyfix Clip on Name Tags

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Our Easyfix Clip on Labels are really popular in Residential Homes and Mums just love them too!  The time-saving label can be applied in seconds. No sewing, no ironing ! Each Label comes with a tiny little unobtrusive clip used to attach the label to the garment.

Click here to see a video showing how they work. 

Also known as Taggits or Tagg-on Labels, the great advantage of these labels in Care Homes is that they withstand very high washing temperatures – moreso than the Iron ons. They don’t irritate and are even suitable in underwear. Without the need for an iron or needle and thread, they can easily be applied in a resident’s room over a cup of tea!  And we've even heard of mums having a 'Clip on Labelling' coffee morning!

The labels measure 7.4 cm x 1.2 cm. If a name is short enough, we'll print it all on the left so that once the label is folded over the whole of the name will be visible. However most names are too long for this so they will be printed across the middle.

Boxes of clips can be sold totally separately for people who like to have a few spares or use one at each end.

Unfortunately logos cannot be printed on clip on,sew on or the Iron on Transfer tags. Occasionally we alter the label layout to make it look better. We tend not to use capitals as they use more space, so making the names less legible - but if you want capitals regardless please state this in the comments box AND type in capitals. Comic Sans tends to be better for Stamps and Arial is better on labels. If text is too long to fit comfortably on a label we may use two lines.