RAF Name Tags & Kit List Items

As well as supplying Name Labels for the RAF, we also supply certain items on the Initial Training kit list.  To order items please go to our dedicated website for this by clicking here.  This will save you traipsing round shops or trawling through the internet trying to find the right items - we've done it for you! We offer good quality items and good prices.

However if you only want Name Labels just stay here! The Name Labels are usually blank or printed with just a surname in capitals followed by a service number.  If you don't yet know your service number we can leave a space after the name so that you can write it in later.  Our laundry marker pens are ideal for this.

The Iron on labels measure 5cm x 1.5cm which is the size specified on the RAF kit list.  The Sew on labels are slightly wider at 6cm x 1.5cm however this never causes a problem and if necessary they can be cut down to size.

Some RAF people like Sew on labels, some like Iron on labels, some like a mixture of both and some like 25 printed labels and 25 blank ones! The choice is there.

The iron on labels can be ironed on and stitched at each end once ironed (just in case you have been told to get sew ons but want to make the job quicker!).


If you only require blank labels please tick the 'I would like BLANK labels box'