SupaTag Sticky Labels

Dishwasher-proof stickers ideal for beakers, bottles, shoes, bags, lunch boxes and pencils.

Choose from three options: Basic black text on white background, Standard with coloured font and pictures, Superior with background colour, colour font and pictures or your own photo!

These name tags will also stick onto most Care Labels found inside clothing and will go through the washing machine. Many people use them for this. However we do not guarantee they stay on everything due to the huge variety of different materials.  If using in clothes always stick onto care labels (not directly onto the clothing) and wash new clothing before applying tags.

The Basic - £6.50 for 52 ( White labels with black font)

Basic Black & White Label


The Standard - £7.95 for 52 (White labels printed in a choice of colours, fonts and a colourful picture)

The Superior- £9.50 for 52 (A full colour label with a choice of background, fonts and pictures or your own picture or photo - not yet available on phones or tablets)

Full colour label with photo

If using the labels in shoes you can also buy our clear shoe label protectors to put over the top of the labels. This will give them even more durability when under hot sweaty feet! Click here to see them.


Shrink Font
Most names look better when printed on two lines
Label Dimension 36mm x 15mm

Position Picture: