Residential Homes

We hear upsetting stories about lost property in Residential and Care Homes all too often.  Clothes go missing and residents are frequently found wearing the wrong clothes simply because theirs weren't labelled.  It's such an easy thing to prevent - just label the clothes!

Easyfix Clip ons:

The most popular labels in Care Homes are the Easyfix Clip ons.  This is because they withstand the very hot washes that are often used in Care Homes, whereas iron on labels don't.  We supply hundreds of Homes with our Easyfix Clip on Labels (also known as Tagg ons or Taggits).

The Easyfix Clip ons are very easy to apply and can be done almost anywhere - even in a resident's room while chatting over a cup of tea!

The Clip used on the label is very small so doesn't irritate and can even be used on underwear without causing any problems.

Some people still prefer to use Sew ons and the labels can be sewn on instead of clipped. 

Sew on Labels:

These are the same as the labels used with the Clips as they can also be sewn on.  Please note that the names are printed and not embroidered.  They are clear and bold and can be printed with a room number as well as a name if required.


The other big favourite in Homes is the StampaName.  This is even quicker to use as all you do is Stamp it onto the material. It contains textile ink that doesn't wash off and the ink pad is contained within the Stamp so no messy fingers.  The ink is black so won't show up on dark clothing but we also supply StampaName packs which include 30 Clip on Labels as well, for use on dark clothes.

Stampaname Multi - for Care Homes who take it upon themselves to label residents' clothing.

Similar to the Stampaname, this is perfect for Care Homes who label the residents' clothes themselves, as this Stamp comes with interchangeable name strips.  This means that you only need buy one Stamp and it can be used for many different names.  So a very cost effective way of labelling clothing for Care Homes.


Although popular in some Care Homes,  these labels don't always withstand high washing temperatures used in homes. Safer alternatives are the Clip-ons, Sew-ons or the  Stampaname!

For those homes using our name tapes on a regular basis, we can set up an invoice system. 

Regular users can also set up their own online ordering system which can be managed by the home regarding ordering, payment and invoicing. Please call 01242 519191 for details.  For large orders we may be able to offer discount.